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As a dentist, you've invested an enormous amount of time and money to educate yourself and build a practice. Does your practice fulfill your expectations and vision? Have you seen the financial rewards?

At various times, you may have wondered:

  1) Why am I not making at least $300,000 a year?
  2) How can I attract more new patients?
  3) Are there better ways to reduce patient no-shows and same day cancellations?
  4) How can I get more patients to accept comprehensive care?
  5) Why isn't my hygiene program more profitable?
  6) How can I get my team to be more cohesive, effective, and focused?
  7) PPO Participation is cutting into my income. What can I do about it?
  8) Why can't I save more money for long term goals like retirement?

The business of dentistry is like golf. It looks easy, but execution is hard.

The average dentist is divorced at least once. 75% report that their retirement plans are not on track and 81% admitted to suffering from professional burnout in their dental careers.



Four factors differentiate us from other dental coaching and consulting firms:

  1) Strong business background, with academic business training at Wharton and Pace University, and significant corporate experience at brand name multi-billion dollar firms, prior to dentistry.
(See Our Team for more information)
  2) We've actually run a successful dental practice and still do. We understand the challenges you face and have lived it for more than 13 years.
(See Our Story)
  3) Our programs are focused on just one thing: to work collaboratively with you to produce results.

Whatever we propose has been tested and proven in the tough Northeast market, which means it will work for you, as it has for us and our clients.

  4) We're a small organization, so we give you personalized attention at the best value.



Call (215) 295 6975 or email us for a conversation. Or fill out the Free Practice Assessment.

Take years off your struggle, achieve practice management excellence, increase your income, and enjoy dentistry.

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